“So many invasive species, so little time!”

Billy Cooper, the Sooper Yooper, needs help protecting the Great Lakes from the growing number of alien invaders. Since he can’t clone himself, he does something even cooler. He assembles a team of super scientists to aid his environmental efforts to safeguard the world’s largest freshwater system.

Inspired by the work of real-life superheroes,
Sooper Yooper: The Quest of the Blue Crew is the first sequel to the acclaimed book created by the late artist Mark Heckman and writer Mark Newman. Like Sooper Yooper: Environmental Defender, the story is an entertaining and engaging examination of the ecological evils that exist today in the Great Lakes, as well as potential invaders like Asian carp that could spell future disaster.

Published by Green Junction Press and the Wege Foundation,
Sooper Yooper: The Quest of the Blue Crew is now available. In addition, Mark Newman has developed a second school program that further illustrates the work of these real-life superheroes, drawing on the themes of teamwork and collaboration.

Newman is currently finishing work on a prequel,
Sooper Yooper: H20.