Illinois Working to Make Sure Asian Carp Stay Out
The state of Illinois is doing detective work on a single Asian carp found north of the barrier designed to keep the fish out of the Great Lakes.
Illinois News Network - July 16, 2017
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Invasive, Destructive Red Swamp Crayfish Found

An infestation of invasive crayfish was found in two Michigan locations: in a Kalamazoo County lake, and days later, the same species was found in a retention pond in Oakland County.
Kalamazoo News - July 20, 2017
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Freshwater Jellyfish Invade Lake Erie & Experts Say There’s No Way to Stop Them
Step aside zebra mussels and phragmites, another foreign invader is lurking beneath the surface of Southwestern Ontario’s lakes and streams – a little umbrella-shaped creature that’s making people do a double take.
National Post - July 17, 2017
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Japanese Knotweed Causing Problems in Toronto
Torontonians should be fighting back against an invasive plant species that’s threatening to take over arts of the city, but there’s a problem – it’s kind of pretty.
CBC News - July 25, 2017
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State Program Aims to Destroy Plant That Can Scar, Blind
After a decade, the tide may be slowly turning in the state’s war against gargantuan invasive plants that can cause sever burns and even blindness in anyone who touches them.
Albany Times Union - May 10, 2017
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Tiny Quagga Mussels Have a Big Impact
Wisconsin Sea Grant researchers found the sheer number and feeding efficiency of quagga mussels are changing Lake Michigan’s ecosystem dynamics, and perhaps the climate as well.
Marine Technology News - July 17, 2017
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Native Species Step Up to Fight Ash Parasite

A decade of research has finally given scientists some hope in their battle with the Asian beetle that has caused billions of dollars of damage since the pest first appeared near Detroit in 2002.
The Wall Street Journal - August 19, 2013
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Tiny Plastic Particles Could Have Negative Impact on Great Lakes

Miniscule beads found in consumer products are finding their way into the fresh water system, posing a potential threat to native fish and aquatic organisms.
USA Today - July 29, 2013
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