Artist Mark Heckman attracted attention to
a host of environmental and social issues
by producing dozens of creative billboards
that appeared across the country. Racism, AIDs,
homelessness, pollution and a number of water-related
issues represent some of the topics addressed in his art.
Featured on the pages of both Time and Newsweek
by the age of 27, he put his talents to work
on a variety of projects, from designing the logo for
actor Dustin Hoffman’s production company to
painting the portrait of President Gerald R. Ford
for the Michigan State Capitol building. He died
from non-Hodgkin lymphoma in May 2010.
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Writer Mark Newman collaborated with
Mark Heckman on a wide variety of projects over the course of
20-plus years. As an editor and photojournalist,
he works with the Grand Rapids Griffins and
West Michigan Whitecaps, the minor league affiliates
of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers,
as well as serving as a communications specialist
for corporations in a wide variety of industries. He began
his career as a daily newspaper reporter, covering sports
and entertainment. He has had the pleasure of
interviewing many well-known personalities, including
Ray Charles, B.B King, Robin Williams, Ted Turner,
Magic Johnson, Willie Nelson, U2, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper,
Jon Bon Jovi, Ray Bradbury and James Michener, among many others.